Make It Black


Make it BLACK is an initiative developed by Pull Up For Change to create meaningful conversations around the definition and society’s sentiment to Black. The program partners with leading Brands to showcase the beauty of Black and uses that as a vehicle to raise money to support the economic development of Black founders to foster more Black businesses and in turn Black employment.

Founded in June 2020 by Sharon Chuter, a seasoned beauty executive, founder and CEO of UOMA Beauty and an activist in response to the murder of George Floyd, Pull up for change continues to work to advance the economic wellbeing of Black communities all over the world.

“Prejudice is not just superimposed, it is metabolized deep into the fabric of society and we must stand up and eradicate all traces wherever we see it. I am so pleased to be driving this meaningful conversation but most of all to be able to support Black Founders through the Pull Up For Change Impact Fund. Black Founders are over mentored and under-invested. Less than 1% of available capital went to Black founders in 2020. We must change this” - Sharon Chuter

How We Do It

We advocate for Positive Accountability

We fight for Economic Equality and Equity

We facilitate Actionable Conversations

We enact Progress through Education

We encourage Collaborative Efforts

We believe Black Lives Matter


The PUFC Small Business Impact Fund is a newly created fund, dedicated to supporting early stage Black founders to create a pipeline and ensure Black businesses are fostered.

In 2020 less than 1% of available capital went to Black owned businesses. The focus of this fund is to issue grants to founders who are yet to raise any outside investment (Founders still in Friends & Family Stage).

The fund will not be taking any equity in these businesses and will not require the businesses to pay it back.