Make It Black


We celebrate the beauty of black by partnering with brands you love to transform their most iconic products to Black. 100% of the net proceeds support Black Founders through our Pull Up for change Impact Fund.

Why we make it black

  • To celebrate the beauty of Black and shift the negative societal perceptions around the word.
  • To provide financial support to the next generation of Black founders.
  • To advocate for a balanced review of the formal definitions of the word Black.

help us update the definition of black

Some of the definitions, synonyms, and related words for Black do not have a place in 2021. Definitions today still read - “characterized by hostility or angry discontent” “not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable.” Synonyms include - bad, dark, evil, immoral, iniquitous.

Join us as we advocate for change to get all significant dictionaries to update the definitions to reflect the modern realities and to include the positive associations with the word in the definitions. Positive associations include - Luxury (Black Card, Uber Black), Formal (Black Tie Event), Timeless (Little Black Dress) - All of these are omitted across all dictionaries.

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