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“I had lost myself personally and assimilated to get to where I had gotten so much that I didn’t know who I was anymore…Everything around me made me angry — the way businesses were run, the way people were being treated, the lack of diversity, has always been a big issue to me.”
sharon chuters

Listed by WWD as one of the most powerful women in business, Nigerian Born, Los Angeles-based Sharon Chuter (Sharon C) is a visionary, change agent, and rebel with an apparent cause. As a seasoned beauty industry executive, Sharon has had a career that has spanned multiple continents and has worked with multinational beauty and consumer brands including Revlon, L'Oréal, PepsiCo, GSK, and most recently, Benefit Cosmetics. She disrupted the Beauty industry and made history with the launch of her Afro-inspired yet inclusive beauty brand UOMA Beauty in 2019, which debuted at ULTA Beauty and Selfridges.

Sharon has been a vocal and active advocate for equality and equity for Black communities and draws from her personal experiences to inspire change. Never one to stay silent or back away from a fight, it’s no surprise that in June 2020, she stood up and challenged corporations around the world. This bold rally reverberated worldwide and resulted in the birth of Pull Up For Change and the start of a Corporate Revolution.

“Everything I've done — from starting a beauty brand to setting up a non-profit organization — everything has been to combat racism and create a world where we can appreciate our differences, where we can understand that we're beautiful because we're different. This bigger goal always drives me, and it’s frustrating to see the lack of meaningful progress. Every brand, every single company has an Equal Opportunity Employment policy. They stand in support and donate to racial equity causes, yet, within their organizations, they don’t actively employ black people. They have no black leaders. there can be no progress until we all are ready to hold ourselves accountable.”

sharon chuters