Make It Black


 Q. What is Pull Up For Change?

Pull Up For Change is a Non-For-Profit Organisation founded in June 2020 by Sharon Chuter, committed to advancing the economic wellbeing of Black communities around the world.

Q. How is Make it BLACK related to Pull Up For Change? Is it a different Organisation?

Make it BLACK is an initiative developed by Pull Up For Change to create meaningful conversations around the vilification of Black. The program partners with leading Brands to showcase the beauty of Black and uses that as a vehicle to raise money to support the economic development of Black founders to foster more Black businesses and in turn Black employment.

Q. Is this a one off Campaign?

No it is not. Make it Black is an ongoing campaign

Q. What is the Pull Up For Change Small Business Impact Fund?

The PUFC Small Business Impact Fund is a newly created fund, dedicated to supporting early stage Black founders to create a pipeline and ensure Black businesses are fostered. In 2020 less than 1% of available capital went to Black owned businesses. The focus of this fund is to issue grants to founders who are yet to raise any outside investment (Founders still in Friends & Family Stage). The fund will not be taking any equity in these businesses and will not require the businesses to pay it back.

Q. How are recipients selected? What are the selection criteria?

Application will open on the PUFC website in June 2022. Initial screening will be done by the PUFC team and the decision on funding will be via live pitch contests where members of the public will decide winners of the pitch. Grants will vary in size from $10K - $100K. Selection criteria is based on stage of business (Must not have raised outside)

Q. Are there any particular industries of focus?

The focus initially will be on Consumer Goods and Tech. We will expand to other industries over time

Q. When will the funds be distributed?

Funds will be distributed after the live pitch contests (Due diligence will be conducted for 4 weeks). Timing of Pitch contests is July 2022

Q. Can I make a direct money donation to the Pull Up For Change Impact Fund?

Yes your direct donation will be very welcome and appreciated. You can donate directly via the website - and you can also share to your friends and family so they can donate as well.

Q. How else can I support?

You can sign the petition to the dictionaries to change the definition of Black. You can find the petition at